The Four Precepts

1. Remember your Divine essence.
2. Say Yes to Life unconditionally.
3. Overcome the Spirit of Revenge.
4. Follow your Bliss.

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February 2010

Self, Potencies, Vestures
by Adi Shankara

THE first cause of Freedom is declared to be an utter turning back from lust after unenduring things. Thereafter Restfulness, Control, Endurance; a perfect Renouncing of all acts that cling and stain. [More]
Complex Beings and the Intellect
by Hermit Crab

For some beings, there is a function that requires them to use selective creative powers to move and manipulate other objects and build patterns and forms of their own... [More]

God Has A Postive Answer
by Unknown Author

Don't panic! No matter what you may say or think, God has a postive answer... [More]

Preferences and the Presence of God
by Wayne Ferguson

Nearly four hundred years ago, a Christian mystic named Brother Lawrence learned to practice the presence of God and was gracious enough to share what he had learned with a friend... [More]

Practicing the Presence of God
by Brother Lawrence

You so earnestly desire that I describe the method by which I arrived at that habitual sense of God's presence, which our merciful Lord has been pleased to grant... [More]

Every Moment In His Presence
by Hazrat Inayat Khan

There are many virtues, but there is one principal virtue. Every moment passed outside the presence of God is sin, and every moment in His presence is virtue. [More]

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